Game Artist Employment: The Good, The Bad, and The Art Test

March 19, 2024

Are you a game artist looking for a job? Then we're here to talk about art tests. Many game studios require art tests as part of their hiring process. Let's discuss what they are and why they're important.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Art tests evoke different reactions, but they are a requirement at some studios. It's not just about the art. Art tests allow you to show off your soft skills too. They give studios a realistic idea of your abilities, helping them identify the right talent. Doing well in an art test can lead to job opportunities and better pay.

On the downside, the game industry is competitive, and portfolios don't always reflect an artist's true skill. That's where art tests come in. They let studios see how you perform under pressure and how well you can adapt to their style. Art tests act as mini-projects that evaluate your work ethic and skills before a studio commits resources.

Some artists view art tests as insulting or unfair. But remember, they're a key way for studios to assess ability. Hiring is very expensive for them, and they need to make informed decisions. Rather than see art tests as burdensome, see them as chances to show your skills and possibly get your dream job. If you're not willing to compromise, someone else will, and they will get the job.

The Benefits of Video Game Artist Tests

Video game artist tests can be stressful, but they're worthwhile. They let studios see your real abilities, ensuring a good fit for both sides. They will also give you an idea of how the studio works too. Depending on the communication, clarity, and organization of the test, you might learn the studio is not the right fit for you.

However, performing well in an art test can lead to great career opportunities. You could end up working in the game industry, contributing to your favorite game franchise, or joining a talented team of developers. This is possible with a successful video game artist test.

Tips for Excelling in Your Art Test

To do well in your art test, read the instructions very carefully and follow them exactly. Many artists rush through tests without fully understanding what's expected.

If anything is unclear, ask. It is perfectly fine to ask questions. Contact the hiring manager for clarification. It's better to ask than to make assumptions that could lead to errors and affect your performance.

Log your time during the test and identify what you're good at and what you struggle with. No artist is perfect, but knowing your weak points is useful. It can help you answer questions about your weaknesses during an interview, and  identify what you need to grow at.

Lastly, show your unique style. Studios want to see how well you can adapt to their style, but they also value what makes you different. Put your personality into your work and show your true abilities.


Art tests might seem intimidating, but they're a great chance to prove you value to the employer and get your dream job. Remember to read the instructions carefully, ask questions if needed, and show your unique style. Good luck, artists!

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