A Guide To Video Game Art Careers

Trying to kickstart your game artist career but don’t know where to start? This thorough career guide prepared by experienced Art Directors tells you everything you need to know.

The Journey To Becoming A Video Game Artist

Before choosing a career path, going to school, and applying for jobs, you need a plan to help you achieve your goals. Forging a career in the video game industry is challenging and rewarding. To reap the rewards, you have to take the correct steps.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through all the different career paths you can choose, the skills you need to refine, software packages to master, and what your career expectations should be.

If you’re an aspiring Concept Artist, UI/UX Artist, Game Artist, Character Artist, Environment Artist, or Outsource Artist – this is a must-read.

Put Yourself Ahead Of The Competition & Land That Dream Job

What You’ll Learn In This Video Game Artist Career Guide

In this competitive industry, you’ve got to stand out. Technical skills alone won’t establish you in the industry. Becoming a video game artist is much more than that.
The Career path Choices
Technical Skills You Need to Refine

Desireable Soft Skills

Software Packages to Master

Expected Salaries

Roles & Responsibilities

Who Are Chimirus Coaching?

We’re a collection of highly experienced directors, coaching the next generation of aspiring artists, equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need to forge a successful video game artist career.

Everything we do is to guide, support, and empower you to take the industry by storm.

Over 20 Years of Experience
We’ve walked in your shoes and have taken the journey you’re embarking upon, meaning we can share our experience, help you avoid our mistakes, and establish you in the industry properly.
Active Art Directors
Nowadays, we’re art directors working on active gaming projects. We have experience in the here and now and continue to work in this ever-evolving industry, giving you up-to-date insider knowledge.
50+ AAA Console  & Mobile Games
Activision, Electronic Arts, Disney, Marvel, Nickelodeon, and every other major publisher – just a few name drops of companies we’ve worked with.
Always Hiring
As we’re active, we’re always assembling teams of talented people for upcoming projects, giving you a foot in the door to incredibly exciting opportunities.

What Does Chimirus Coaching Do?

A Personalized Approach To Careers In Video Game Development

Learning how to be a video game artist is very different from knowing how to forge a career as a video game artist. You can have all the technical skills and artistry, but what if you don’t have connections, a portfolio, networking skills, and the ability to market yourself? We equip you with everything.

Individual Coaching
Everyone is on their own journey, which is why we give you 1-on1 direction and coaching based on your skill set and aspirations.
Professional Art Direction
We’ll review your work, provide honest and professional art direction, and share working processes that you can repeat for continuous success.

Mindset Development

A growth mindset and positive habits are the foundations of a successful career in video game development. We’ll teach you our best practices for success.
Sharing Experience
With 20+ years in the industry, we’ve faced most scenarios and challenges. We share our wisdom and production practices with you, not just technical skills.

Who Is Chimirus Coaching For?

We work with anyone at any stage of their education or career. If you have passion, are willing to learn, and want to explore video game artists’ jobs – we’d love to work with you.
A love for video games and interested in becoming an artist but don’t know where to start? We’ll help you discover your journey.
Developed the technical skills but not sure how to break into the industry? Learn everything you need to know to land that breakthrough.

Career Changers

Looking for a change, or is your career not where you want it to be? We’ve experts at helping gamers, creatives, and others diversify.
Your Journey To The Top Starts Here

Focus Your Learning & Career On Gaming

Many courses and coaching providers offer generic design and artist content – not us. Like you, we’re passionate about video games and appreciate the technicalities and specific nature of its art. Refine your skills and mindset, and become a video game expert equipped with specific and applicable knowledge, making you ready to tackle real-world challenges.

Become Someone Hiring Managers Can’t Ignore

This guide tells you everything you need to know and master to follow your dream career choice. Once you’ve read this career guide, if you feel passionate about a particular position, you’ll be equipped with a step-by-step journey, giving you the skills that hiring managers can’t ignore.

Kickstart Your Video Game Artist Career Today

This career guide is your first step to forging the career of your dreams. We’ve been in your position, and we hire people just like you – trust us, this guide is the bible of things for you to master.

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Kickstart your game artist career with this thorough career guide prepared by experienced Art Directors! Download now and level up!