When I began my career in AAA games 20+ years ago, the creative landscape was vastly different than it is now. When I transitioned to Electronic Arts, I was hired on as an Interface Artist / Illustrator. This title most likely does NOT exist anymore as it was so long ago. Much of the creative mantra for an Interface Artist back then was “Get them into the game as fast as possible, they shouldn’t even notice the UI.” Today, your design has to be an intuitive experience for the user, but not too complex or flashy to distract them from playing the game.

The landscape for user experience and user interfaces has changed. The rate of availability of mobile devices and the rate that we consume data as a result of easy access to high-speed connections has made an impact on how we interact with everything. This has influenced all the industries in the world, especially in technology and entertainment. People want and require a different UX and a more intuitive UI. It’s not just about getting the players into the game anymore. You have to build players a more immersive experience from start to finish.

*image credit: Ghost of Tsushima by Sucker Punch*
To be able to keep people engaged, AAA game studio teams have to work closely together to make sure this mark is hit. The Art, User Experience, Design, and the analytics team have to collaborate more frequently than ever before; hence the development process flows differently than it did previously. There is much more planning and data involved from the start. This ensures a more defined development process for the art and design team.

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