Over two decades of building successful artistic teams for the creative industry have given Dave Pasciuto and Roger Yuen the wisdom to be incredibly efficient and the edge to be diverse. Together they share extensive experience in the industry, separately they have vast knowledge and skill-sets to compliment each other. Dave on the animation and visual effects side—working on movies, video games, commercials, and building award-winning teams. Roger Yuen has contributed to over 35 video games, ranging from AAA console games to extremely popular mobile games and a management style with teams that will “follow him into the gates of hell.” Roger’s wealth of talent has been attributed to artistic endeavors as well as leadership for a number of well-established studios. Together they know how to build successful teams, efficient workflows and create amazing visual content–lightning fast.


Professional digital training is the foundation to build a strong creative landscape, but that is only one component, and `we go beyond that. We want to build and foster extraordinary teams to inspire the creation of the best content on the planet.

Chimirus has designed a proprietary system to optimize creative output—efficient, high-quality, and above all—truly inspired for any design team or studio. This was developed by our industry experience, expertise and is achieved by a five module system.


In short, your team will become a well-oiled production machine that can create various types of content quickly and efficiently, plus offer new services to clients. New skills and techniques will be put into practice for creating industry-standard concepts, graphics, animation and more. Directors and Senior leadership will foster a positive, motivated and inspired team culture that communicates well—both internally and externally with clients. Finally, systems and workflows will be implemented to streamline project production to ensure all of your modules are working harmoniously.




Module 1 - Skills Training

We believe in a solid foundation of skills-sets and continuous growth. Experience has shown us that concept, 3D and animation, which are the core pillars of Chimirus, and are the key components for building today’s content. These are the 3 pillars of our skill training which offers support, and allows for evolution through the system.


Module 2 - Systems & Workflows

Establishing tried and true workflows and tools will ensure that the process is fluid and streamlined that can expand as well. We evaluate and organize how projects are created, and design systems to fit the teams needs and deliverables. We define production systems, in short, we design and maximize workflow efficiency to make sure you are creating amazing work—fast.


Module 3 - communication

Communication is the most important aspect of any team or project. We need to understand our clients, team, the industry, the culture, and the spectrum of work that needs to be created. It’s one thing to know how to do the work, but it’s equally important to convey the work to the world we live in.


Module 4: Inspiration

Once the skills set is given context in the world, and we understand how to convey our thoughts, the Inspiration module is focusing on the ambition of the creative individual. Our three pillar approach will build a strong foundation, while also fostering the creative spirit and guiding passion. Keeping your team inspired and free of client constraints is key. We provide the latest industry trends, creative team-building exercises and charitable outlets for pursuing personal fulfillment.


Module 5: Leadership

A team is only as competent as its leader. This model is about leadership development, taking into account the skill-sets, workflows, industry and personal ambition. Being able to effectively communicate professionally, manage personalities and expectations, understand the terminology and trends in the industry and deliver critique and development. We bring leadership coaching to the unit, ensuring a full-circle creative development system.