Getting an art job in the Game Industry is challenging. With the increasing demand for video game content, art production job roles have greatly increased as well. While there are plenty of opportunities, there are even more applicants applying for the same job. How do you stand out?

Master Your Portfolio will help you craft your message, curate your portfolio, and build your brand to create an impactful portfolio experience designed to make the busiest of Art Directors respond to you.

In this hands-on workshop, you will learn our proprietary C.A.R.E. method and apply it to your new site.

Then overcome the six common problems with art portfolios, and finally, present a fast and clear experience worthy of a call back. Gain the confidence in your portfolio that you are missing.


How do you know this will work? Simple. We are the busy Art Directors who have decades of experience building game art teams. We actively hire artists, meaning we wrote the job roles and know what we want to see. Work with us directly and land the job of your dreams!