In our Photoshop Master Workshop with Dave Pasciuto, we put our students to the test. Can they handle 40 Photoshop projects—great and small, plus new tools, techniques and workflows, all in one weekend? The answer is YES! While no easy task, we had plenty of coffee and noshes to help stay focused and have fun too.

First, we covered the UI and UX of Photoshop and how to unlearn what Adobe has brainwashed you with over the years. While no easy task, our new workflows changed the way students worked within Photoshop and their approach to projects, and they finally felt empowered.

From there we covered a ton of different project types, from simple masking, advanced masking, layer styles, to advanced and proprietary compositing techniques—not to mention alternative ways to use tools and new time-saving plug-ins.

Photoshop is one tool that no one truly “knows.” The approach and workflows depend on the background of the industry in which you work. Photoshop is used in many different ways, from web design, to video, to photo-retouching, to digital painting and more. We collected projects that reflected our experience using the software over our careers using it for almost 30 years. Don’t take our word for it, look at the photos and our testimonials. Thanks again for joining us!

See you all soon!