Photoshop masterclass

In this intensive 10-week class, you’ll learn how to use Adobe Photoshop for professional projects with total command of navigation, workflow, and features. This curriculum starts with an introduction of Photoshop techniques, tools, design theory, layers, and masking for a strong foundation. Then, put your practical skills to use with a variety of real-world applications during more than 20 guided projects.

In addition to weeks of training, you’ll also receive a resource guide and a certificate of completion. Learn professional Photoshop tricks, like non-destructive editing, advanced blend-if layer styles, creating custom transparency via masks and using warp tools, plus familiarize yourself with industry-standard plug-ins for efficient workflows. This ultimate course is geared toward digital production for Film, Advertising, Games and Animation with a wide range of styles for both 2D and 3D Photoshop design.

Professional projects cover digital painting, where you’ll practice creating custom brushes and patterns with a deeper understanding of digital color. Then, dive into the world of digital photography, photo compositing, retouching, and post-process finishing. Crate and practice on projects that expand your skillset and put new tools to the test with guided challenges, including color grading, digital painting, compositing, photo-retouching, graphics creation, digital photo processing techniques, and more.


  • Over 20 guided practice projects

  • In-depth look at tools, plug-ins, layers, masks and more

  • Professional, real-world application

  • Tons of lectures, live demos, examples, and class exercises

  • Professionally art-directed reviews to polish your work

  • Usage of Adobe Photoshop on Wacom Cintiq Drawing Displays

  • Resource guide & freebies

  • Certificate of completion

    *This class is exclusive and limited to 4 students to ensure the highest-quality training experience possible

    Additional imagery by Von Glitschka and Travis Overstreet


  • START DATE: April 11th, 2019

  • DAY:   Thursdays

  • TIME:   6:30-9:30pm

  • DURATION:   10 weeks

  • FORMAT:   Class

  • LECTURE TYPE:   Live

  • SOFTWARE:   Adobe Photoshop

  • SKILL LEVEL:   Basic Knowledge

  • ASSIGNMENT:   Weekly Projects


instructor: DAVE PASCIUTO

Dave Pasciuto has been working in the entertainment industry for over 24 years at several production studios such as; Framestore, Dose Pictures, Leviathan, Vitamin Pictures, Arc Worldwide, Sol Design FX, Reality Check, New Wave Entertainment, EA Chicago and Robomodo. Various clients include: Disney, Marvel, Warner Brothers, HBO, CBS, ABC, ESPN Sports, Real-D, Sony, Electronic Arts, Activision, Zynga and many more.

While trying not to reveal his age, Dave has been using Adobe Photoshop in production since it was commercially released in 1990, and has been teaching various workshops and classes across the nation for almost 20 years.

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Photoshop Masterclass Class
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