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format_quoteMaster Your Portfolio was a great way to examine your portfolio through fresh eyes. I got excellent suggestions from experts and I'm confident my revisions will get me better results. What's more, I left feeling like a part of the design community. Thank you!format_quote
format_quoteThe Master your Portfolio service was invaluable to me. It was very personalized and whenever I needed more direction I simply asked and received very thorough and thoughtful feedback. More importantly, it gave me so much more confidence in my work and a much better, more positive, outlook on the entire portfolio-building process.format_quote
format_quoteI would highly recommend the Photoshop Masterclass to anyone looking to level up their Photoshop skills. It was awesome! Thanks, guys!format_quote
format_quotePhotoshop Masters Class taught by the very talented Dave Pasciuto gave me guidance and understanding of Photoshop that excelled far beyond what I thought I was capable of.format_quote
Ted D.
format_quoteThe VisDev class was really, really fun! Quintin is a great teacher who takes your style into consideration when it comes to giving feedback on your work. I learned a lot of helpful painting techniques that will help me create my own workflow in the future. Highly recommend this class!format_quote
format_quoteI cannot recommend the Character Design class enough if you want to improve your character designs. Thanks to small class sizes, our questions were answered and proved to be invaluable as we grow in the industry.format_quote

Game Art Career Guidance

Getting a job as a Game Artist is challenging and competitive. Before you choose a career. Before you go to school. Before you apply for a job, how do you stand out?

Chimirus provides coaching for artists led by artists. We design, guide, and support you in your journey to achieve your career goals, empowering you to reach your next level of success.

Career Coaching

Our job is to help you find your dream job. We can answer all of your questions, discuss your goals, challenges, and provide direction in your Game Art  journey.

We have achieved successful careers. We have been where you want to go, and we want to share our wisdom and experience so you can do the same…but faster!


Live and Online Training

Staying relevant, growing at your craft, and learning new techniques is mandatory for artist growth. We have crafted small-scale, live, and personal online classes that are specifically designed for your prosperity.

We bring all the experience we have acquired teaching and mentoring our students during the past decade along with our own professional experiences to deliver a full range of powerful online digital arts courses.


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What you can Achieve with Chimirus

Being good is great. Being excellent is even better! We encourage our community to focus on mindset and push their own creativity and abilities in the artwork they create.

Knowing the right thing to do is half the battle. We provide you with clarity, and clarity brings motivation. We are with you all the way to ensure your success and inspire confidence. Take a look at what some of our clients have created below—we are so proud of them!

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Industry Insights

Being active professionals in the industry, we have a responsibility to provide our community with relevant and insightful topics on our blog.



Sounds simple enough right? In theory it is, put up great work and people will notice-peers, potential employers, and more. That is a step in the process, an important one at that. The thing is when you want to get your work noticed, there are a few small things you...



Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions from aspiring artists about how to manage workloads and avoiding burning the midnight oil for creation. This is something that I haven’t thought about in a while, but it was definitely something that I made a conscious...



Does the video game industry still expect people to "Crunch"? That’s still a really tricky question today. Video games are an ever growing industry in which the demand for high quality content continues to exponentially grow with the added pressure of taking less time...



Whether it be a freelance gig, a job at work, or a project on your own, you know one thing, you have to get it done, like, yesterday. It’s the usual deal—lot’s of stuff, no time, blah, blah, blah. It has tons of moving pieces, deliverables, and of course, you feel...



As 2020 comes to a close and the holidays approach, it is a great time to reflect on the year. Despite all that has happened, we find ourselves grateful for all that has happened too. Between the the political climate, social issues, a new pandemic, employment, and...



Our last Demolition Night with PixelSquid was a milestone for Chimirus. It was the first time we collaborated directly with a software company to put on an extraordinary event with our friends at TEAMS Design. PixelSquid is a new Photoshop plug-in that allows fully...

Dave Pasciuto & Roger Yuen | Chimirus Founders

Events & Workshops

Building and engaging meaningful connections in the industry is as much a passion as a priority for us. We learn so much from the great talents and innovative minds that attend our events and workshops. Chimirus is there for you by creating a unique environment that provides event attendees exposure to the latest industry trends and innovations in digital arts. We continuously serve the creative community with relevant events, workshops, and training.


What Industry Peers Say About The Chimirus Team

“Dave is a very talented and inspiring person. I had the pleasure of working with Dave on numerous projects over the last 5 years and every time he brings a positive “can do” attitude. His work is outstanding and always above and beyond expectations. Dave is very motivated and he’s always working to better himself and the people around him. Working with Dave was awesome, and I hope to do so again in the future.”

Greg Nami


“Roger certainly ranks among the top when it comes to the best manager I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. From day 1 he made me feel extremely welcome when I joined his team, even going as far as to have a neat pile of awesome brand-new art supplies waiting for me on my desk. Roger’s strengths include bringing teams together, keeping people motivated and happy, and genuinely listening to and acting on his team’s needs and wants. Roger brings out the best in everyone.”

Jennifer Dutton

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