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Are you frustrated from applying to Game Art jobs with little to no success? Getting a professional game art job is challenging and highly competitive. There are plenty of opportunities, but there are more applicants now than ever before. How do you stand out?

The Master Your Game Portfolio class is led by professional Art Directors to help you craft your Message, polish your Resume, Cover Letter, Linkedin, and refine your Brand. Gain confidence in your portfolio and make an impact on your career! Level-up and stand out now!


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4 Weeks – 1 hour sessions
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7:00 – 8:00 PM, CST

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This class is for you if…

❌  You are struggling to get job call-backs.

❌  You are frustrated because you do not land the job.

❌  You are unsure what makes a professional portfolio.

❌  You do not know how to compete for a job.

We will help you…

✅  Craft your message and market yourself.

✅  Polish your cover letter, resume, and LinkedIn.

✅  Build a well-thought-out, impactful portfolio.

✅  Gain confidence when you apply to jobs!

the artist

How you market yourself is the key to how the industry perceives you. If you are not clear, hiring managers will move on. We will work with you to craft your message, polish your resume, cover letter, Linkedin, and refine your brand to present a professional, confident, and clear experience for those reviewing your portfolio!

the artwork

The bottom line—your portfolio is #1. It makes or breaks the next steps in the hiring process. Directors can see artistic potential within 10 seconds. Showing high-quality and relevant artwork for the job posting is everything. We will organize and curate your best artwork that will make an impact on Art Directors and Hiring Managers.

the experience

Not getting call-backs or interviews? There are 6 common problems with Portfolios. Resumes are rarely written or organized well. Using our proprietary C.A.R.E method, we will help you create a fast, clear, and impactful applicant experience. Gain confidence in your hiring package!

the choice

Master your Game Portfolio is led by AAA Game Industry Directors that actively recruit and hire! We have literally reviewed hundreds of artist portfolios who applied for our postings and we still hire. Who better to learn from?

build a portfolio experience that makes a fast impact!


the testimonials

format_quoteMaster Your Portfolio was a great way to examine your portfolio through fresh eyes. I got excellent suggestions from experts and I'm confident my revisions will get me better results. What's more, I left feeling like a part of the design community. Thank you!format_quote
format_quoteThe Master your Portfolio service was invaluable to me. It was very personalized and whenever I needed more direction I simply asked and received very thorough and thoughtful feedback. More importantly, it gave me so much more confidence in my work and a much better, more positive, outlook on the entire portfolio-building process.format_quote
format_quoteMaster Your Portfolio is not like taking a class at all. It's more like graduating. Dave's attention, care, persistence, and focus on your clear message challenges you to create the strongest vision of yourself.format_quote
format_quoteAfter Master Your Portfolio, I landed a full-time job as a motion designer in Chicago. Thank you so much for the helpful tips and the follow-up after the workshop. It helped me tremendously with the job search!format_quote

the instructors



Dave Pasciuto is the Founder of Chimirus, and has been working and teaching in the entertainment industry for over 24 years at several production studios such as Iron Galaxy, Electronic Arts, Robomodo, Framestore, Leviathan, Dose Pictures, Gnomon, and more. Various clients include Disney, Warner Brothers, HBO, CBS, ABC, ESPN Sports, Real-D, Sony, Samsung, Activision, Zynga, and many more.

Roger Yuen

Roger Yuen

Roger Yuen has been working in the Game industry for over 20 years. He’s contributed to over 35 games, ranging from AAA console games to extremely popular mobile games. Roger has brought his skills as an artist and sparkling personality as a leader to well-established studios such as; Electronic Arts, Robomodo, Seven Lights, Flipside5, Scientific Games, Synapse Games, Kongregate, and  most recently, Iron Galaxy Studios. His passions are to create, collaborate, motivate, and build great games.