Our second Making Art Work event work was a success! It was so exciting to see so many creative individuals interested in our events. We hosted this gathering at Next/Now with our good friend Charlie Williams! Charlie and I go way back to our days at Electronic Arts Chicago. So it was great to come full circle and join forces once again to bring you something unique. 

The evening started off with food and beverages for the networking portion of the event, with some Chicago favorites of Lou Malnotti’s and Tacoyo Brewing. Myles is the best! We met some amazing passionate people who are interested in learning more about Chimirus and their career paths. Roger Yuen, gave an energetic presentation of Making Art Work, speaking about how there is so much opportunity for creative careers these days. So much content is is required for the world–games, apps, websites, VR, etc. Art and Design is needed now more than ever, and at a rapid pace. 

Afterwards we held a Q&A and answered a ton of questions! It was so great to have such an attentive and engaged audience, the energy was great! Then we have our Raffle! We have literally the best partners in the industry, Copic, Affinity, Design Studio Press, Magnetic Press, BrushBox, Grut Brushes, Sketch Wallet ,Rotofugi and CG Cookie

The whole evening was filled with positive energy and enthusiasm. We had some really great conversations and connected people together. This just helps to validate our community and we are building here. Everyone who joins in helps to grow our presence and network. So thank you for your support! Check out some of these photos from the event. As always we are here for you, feel free to reach out and connect with us. Take care and we will see you at the next event!