We had an awesome opportunity to present our latest Making Art Work event at Chicago’s very own Tribeca Flashpoint! Our gracious hosts, Michael Galbincea and Chris Tedin were kind enough to invite us to talk about achieving success in the creative world. 

It is always so great to meet new 3d Artists, Animators, Motion Designers, Graphic Designers and Concept Artists who make up the Chicago community—and we have a great one! There is so much talent out there waiting to be employed for the creation of new digital content, and we are here to help. 

Of course, we couldn’t have done this without our partners in the community like Wacom, CG Cookie, Design Studio Press, Delicious Design League, Artstation, Illo Sketchbook, and Sketch Wallet. These are tools and resources we use, that professionals use to excel in their craft.

A special thanks to Todd Wood, Steve Wallace for their video help and our photographer, Dylan Doherty. Thank you so much for your help with Chimirus.