Demolition Night was awesome! Ever since my days of living in LA and attending Gnomon, SIggraph, and Autodesk events, it was always cool to watch pros show off software and technique demos, Chicago has a TON of talent, so we wanted to do something similar with local community professionals artists sharing live demos of their craft. With the launch of our new classes and workshops, we decided it was time for Demolition Night (thanks for the name Amy Reyes) to see the light of day…er, or night!

This was our 10th event, and Roger and I wanted to host it at the same venue as our very first event—TEAMS design with Paul Hatch! Paul has been so great to us, plus their space is awesome, and sure enough—Demolition Night sold out! We have you to thank for that!

The night began with pizza and beer, meet and greets and then introductions. We had friends return, and we had a LOT of new faces—which is awesome! We shared stories, laughter, our raffle and of course, amazing demos by our artists, Becca Hallstedt, Jason Millet, and Travis Overstreet. It was great to be on stage demoing my Photoshop class along with them. A very special thank you to our Chimirus instructors! Oh yeah, we also had Molly’s Cupcakes to celebrate our 10th event anniversary!

Lastly, a BIG thank you to our sponsors who are incredibly generous, Boords, Alt-Pen, Delicious Design League, and of course, WACOM. We always want to bring you the very best tools, products and services in the creative industry that inspire and that help make us better crearives.

Thank you for supporting us and for making our first Demolition Night a huge success! We will see you next time! Enjoy our photos!