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Battlefield Tank War

Roll into battle with Photoshop concept art that is well-suited to the world of game design. This project pulls inspiration from classic video games like Call of Duty and World of Tanks. Learn how to import, spin, edit, and integrate 10 different PixelSquid 3D objects for a dynamic feel. Then take advantage of Photoshop’s tools and layered styles to achieve battle-ready color and texture with less time-consuming painting techniques.


The benefits of using PixelSquid and design-ready objects allows for a fast and flexible workflow. There are two time-consuming problems with Photoshop compositing. The first is finding imagery at the right angle, with the right light, and at the right quality…

LESSON 01: Inspiration & Mood Board

For this project, we’ll be revisiting one of our past projects from a game title screen that had some tank warfare in it. While we’re not a fans of war, there is a community of video games like World of Tanks and Call of Duty that require this type of artwork.

LESSON 02: Photoshop Setup & COMPING

Since we already had the layout, we just really needed to build up depth and elements. So we’ll bring in new ground elements, like grass, dirt, rocks, and piles of debris that were grabbed from MattePaint.com and PixelSquid. 

LESSON 03: Advanced Compositing

As with most advanced compositing, it all comes down to integrating all of the elements into one seamless image. Lighting
has to be consistent and dynamic while supporting your focus. 

LESSON 04: FX, Color Grading & Finishing

For the final look of this image, it needed to be darker, contrasty, and a little murky. Since there isn’t a true directional light source, the light mainly came from the ambient of the sky and the explosions. 


  Digital Sketching

  Color Comping

  PixelSquid & The Lightbox

  Advanced Compositing

  Light & Shadow Layers

Dave Pasciuto


Dave Pasciuto is an award-winning creative director who has worked across multiple industries-focusing on high-visibility projects for film, animation, video games, and advertising campaigns that span every market.

Throughout his career, he has worked with clients that  includes Disney, Nickelodeon, Sony, Activision, and Electronic Arts on licenses like Star Wars, Marvel, TMNT, and many, many more.