This past weekend, April 11th and 12th, Chimirus held its second weekend-warrior workshop, Stylized Concept Art Workshop with Beck Hallstedt (Blizzard, NetherRealm) at Almost Gold Chicago!

The weekend was so awesome for a few reasons, 1. The workshop sold out! It is amazing and humbling to see that the community is responding to the classes and workshops we are offering. 2. We had students come from other states! So unexpected, and again still pretty awesome! 3. Our students and the artwork that was created in class was impressive to say the least! Take a look at some of the concept props that were created during the workshop! We are extremely proud of Beck and our students.

The real take-away from the weekend is having the ability to personally learn, hands-on from a professional and accomplished concept artist. On top of that, the magic for concept art and design is the process. Even though the focus is Concept Art, the design process of reference, ideation, sketching and Rapid-viz can be applied to EVERYTHING creative. Need a logo design? Same process. Creating an illustration? Same process. This is where the value really lies, and is the #1 technique needed to accelerate your skills.

Thank you for all of your support with Chimirus! The weekend was a blast, take a look at some images below from the workshop! Stay tuned for more workshops from Chimrius.