10 weeks flew by!


We are proud to say we just wrapped up our first 10-week Stylized Concept Art class with Beck Hallstedt. As we started building Chimirus almost 2 years ago, having a concept class was one of our goals. We wanted to offer training that was new, relevant and just plain different. Now, we have a very special class that resonated with the community for several reasons...

  1. This is our first long-format class that sold out.

  2. We had a student drive to/from class each week from Wisconsin ! (That’s crazy dedication!)

  3. This is the very first live Concept Art class of its kind in the Midwest.

  4. The students loved it and really improved their skills—fast, creating amazing work for their portfolio.

Over the 10 weeks, Beck covered content on developing concept art—from history and examples to digital painting, texturing and world-building. They presented live demos, paint-overs, lectures and critiques to really hone their skills and polish their work.

And while all of this geared towards entertainment design, the process can be applied to anything design driven. For example, this process can be used for logo designs, illustration, products and package design—the magic is in rapid iteration of visual ideas.

On week 10 the students gathered up their mood boards, sketches, prop and environment renderings to create a final presentation. The work was amazing with an obvious transformation of each of the students individual skills, but don’t take my word for it, take a look at the work below.

After all of that hard work, we had to celebrate! We brought in champagne and Molly’s cupcakes (our favorite!) We discussed our work, feedback on the class and even our pets—lot’s of cats, a three-legged turtle and dogs! It was a truly special moment for us, and it was so awesome to have such great students. A special thank you to Beck Hallstedt, our mega-talented instructor, our incredibly dedicated and talented students, and our friends Linas Jodwalis and Paul Klinke at Almost Gold for making our first class a success and a wonderful experience!

This class was everything I’d hoped for. I received help and direction with my artwork, as well as honest and open discussions about working in the industry. Having such a small class size was incredibly helpful - I was able to receive feedback and hear different viewpoints from multiple people and still receive that personalized attention. Everyone was incredibly kind and supportive. I drove 2.5 hours every Tuesday for this class, and it was absolutely worth it every time. I highly recommend taking this class.
— Samara Lee