Master your Portfolio@School of Comics

The Master your Portfolio was yet another event that was intimate and engaging for us and the attendees. We can't thank the people enough for joining us at the International School of Comics—it was a super-cool venue, and just another great community Chicago has to offer. Annalisa and Doug Klauba were wonderful hosts. 

Obviously today the world is filled with millions of websites for any community, the creative market is no different. We really wanted to personally impact our attendees, and show them our tried and true techniques that we have learned from the past 20 years of preparing oneself for the creative world. We had some noshes, some laughs, more noshes and great conversations. We hope to do this event again very soon. 


The MYP event is the type of workshop Chicago artists need to keep up with the ever-changing creative world that we all want to be a part of.

- Pearl Ochoa
Master Your Portfolio was a fun way to examine your portfolio through fresh eyes. I got excellent suggestions from experts and I’m confident my revisions will get me better results. What’s more, I left feeling like a part of the design community!

- Donna Calomino