This past week was great! We wrapped up our live online classes. While I could say it is bittersweet, it was actually awesome for a few reasons. One, we helped 8 individuals grow at their art and design skills. Two, we got to know them and directly impact their careers, and Three, welcome them to our Chimirus family!

In a year that has been very uncertain for the world, we are grateful for everyone’s support during this time. Chimirus was mainly doing live events workshops, which quickly ended with Covid—we really miss connecting with you all in person! Obviously, we had to change our strategy to continue helping the creative community.

One option was immediate, we needed online classes and courses. So we offered two of our workshops as live online 10-week classes. The Photoshop Masterclass, and Concept Illustration.

We also partnered with PixelSquid to offer Concept Art online courses. This was a bit scary for us.

Much to our surprise, both classes were filled with previous and new students—this was so exciting to see! Then we were off to teaching these classes, which was awesome. Here is some student work and what our students had to say…

Photoshop Masterclass:

I can take everything that I thought I knew about Photoshop and throw it away. The workflows and techniques taught in this class has reshaped how I will work and grow as a designer. – Ted D.

Concept Illustration:

It’s tough knowing where to start, and this class really helped me break down the magic. I feel like I’ve been able to pick up something new here, and it was definitely worth the time and money. Fun instructor, engaging assignments, and thorough feedback on work were all extremely great to have. – Rachel L.

It was incredible to see the growth from each student beginning at week one and going all the way to week 10. You could see the confidence growing week by week leading to the final project. We are so proud to see how far they have grown. Classes not only improve your skill-sets, they also increase your value and salaries in your career.

These Classes will be available again in the beginning of 2021. Sign up for the syllabus and wait-list now!

Thank you again for your support. We are looking forward to a prosperous 2021.Stay healthy and safe.

The Chimirus Team