who we are

Chimirus specializes in digital arts training for the modern demands of the creative world. We are dedicated to training the next generation of artists—both emerging students and working professionals achieve the next level of success in their career.

We are firm believers in professionals instructing the profession and we focus on the skills required for success in the creative industry. We approach instruction by craft, process and workflow—not software, to develop a deeper core understanding of art and design that has universal application.

What's in a name?

The name Chimirus is a nod to the “Chimera,” a three-headed beast from Greek folklore with the head of a lion, body of a goat and the tail of a snake. Something legendary; existing only in one’s imagination. In this case, our “beast” represents today’s three core digital production needs: Design, 3D and Animation.

The first part of the name, “Chi”—well, no surprises there. Chi-town is our hometown—the city we know and love: Chicago. The second half, “mirus” in Latin, means “to wonder” or “marvel.” It is literally where the magic happens. Because, isn’t that really what we as artists do? We create magic; that wonder.


Dave pasciuto

Dave Pasciuto has been working in the entertainment industry for over 22 years at several production studios such as; Gnomon, Reality Check Studios, New Wave Entertainment, Sol Design FX, Arc Worldwide, Leviathan, Vitamin Pictures, EA Chicago, and Robomodo. Various clients include: Disney, Warner Brothers, HBO, CBS, ABC, ESPN Sports, Real-D, Sony, Electronic Arts, Activision, Zynga and many more. He currently is the Creative Director of Dose Pictures.



ROger Yuen

Roger Yuen has been working in the Game industry for over 17 years. He’s contributed to over 35 games, ranging from AAA console games to extremely popular mobile games. Roger has brought his skills as an artist and sparkling personality as a leader to well-established studios such as; Electronic Arts, Robomodo, Seven Lights, Flipside5 and most recently, Scientific Games. His passions are to create, collaborate, motivate and…eat.



travis overstreet

Travis has a huge career packed into almost 10 years—working on several games, films and illustrations for a variety of clients. He specializes in Character and Concept Art, Illustration, 3D and Digital Sculpting. Currently, Travis works as a Senior Artist at Scientific Games Chicago.

Travis Overstreet



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