3d shape splash

Unlock current design trends and merge photo-realistic 3D shapes without diving into 3D software. Import 10 different spinnable, design-ready objects into the lightbox. PixelSquid makes it easy to transform and rotate items in just a few clicks. Then dial in the colors and achieve the perfect light intensity with elegant effects and expert finishing tips.

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Photoshop & Pixel Squid

INspiration & mood boards

This project was inspired by the many 3D shape images that have made their way into current trends. With all the flexibility of PixelSquid, I wanted the challenge to see if something similar could be achieved in 3D-without 3D. 

concept sketching

Using Procreate with my IPad, I found a fun color palette that I wanted to try out. Sketching out some different arrangements, I was able to develop a few compositions quickly. The Tootie render quality was kept simple for speed, as I was leaning on Photoshop and PixelSquid for the visual quality. 

Photoshop Setup & Compositing

Since I already had a sketch of the layout, the setup for this image was pretty straightforward. I already had the shapes in the lightbox, and so it was just a matter of me transforming and rotating each object into position. This workflow is very easy. This trick is the color and lighting which we review in the next chapter. 

Advanced Compositing 

The biggest challenge for composing this image was creating and unifying the color and the lighting of the objects. I heavily relied on non-destructive layer styles for this, as it became a balancing act of color and value. 

Effects, Color Grading & Finishing

The last 10% is in the polish. Using Color Correction and Color Grading I dial in the look with Adjustment Layers, Gradient Maps, and Color Lookups. 

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Instructor: Dave Pasciuto

Dave is an award-winning creative director who has worked across multiple industries—focusing on high-visibility projects for film, animation, video games, and advertising campaigns that span every market.

He has worn many hats through his journey, working as a creative/art director, VFX artist, concept artist, illustrator, compositor, and animator in the feature film, broadcast, advertising, and video game industry. His diverse client list includes Disney, Nickelodeon, Sony, Activision, and Electronic Arts on licenses like Star Wars, Marvel, TMNT, and many more.

Dave is also deeply involved with personal coaching, teaching courses, designing tutorials, and presenting workshops between Los Angeles and Chicago for world-class schools like Gnomon School of Visual Effects and Chimirus.




✅  Curate a trendy 3D splash and shape mood board

✅  Generate multiple interpretation sketches

✅  Stitch, mask, and composite photos

✅  Position and edit 3D PixelSquid objects

✅  Sketching via Procreate