Industry Night @ CG Cookie

Industry Night @ CG Cookie

I have to say that our Industry Night was a success. We had 5 creative leaders from the Design, Animation, Visual Effects, and AR/VR industry to speak about their journey into the professional workforce. The attendees were very engaged and loved listening to their personal stories—both positive and negative revealing that their growth is human and that it is achievable to work as an artist. 

Billy Baumann, Patrick Coleman, Katrina Nelken, Tim Sepulveda and Charlie B. Williams were so awesome to give back to the creative community. We believe that professionals should lead the profession, and we are very thankful that they were willing to participate in this. We will have another event like this soon. Until then, check out our Master Your Portfolio Event on June 23rd at School of Comics Chicago!

Making Art Work @ Tribeca Flashpoint

Making Art Work @ Tribeca Flashpoint

We had an awesome opportunity to present our latest Making Art Work event at Chicago's very own Tribeca Flashpoint! Our gracious hosts, Michael Galbincea and Chris Tedin were kind enough to invite us to talk about achieving success in the creative world. 

It is always so great to meet new 3d Artists, Animators, Motion Designers, Graphic Designers and Concept Artists who make up the Chicago community—and we have a great one! There is so much talent out there waiting to be employed for the creation of new digital content, and we are here to help. 

Of course, we couldn't have done this without our partners in the community like Wacom, CG Cookie, Design Studio Press, Delicious Design League, Artstation, Illo Sketchbook, and Sketch Wallet. These are tools and resources we use, that professionals use to excel in their craft.

A special thanks to Todd Wood, Steve Wallace for their video help and our photographer, Dylan Doherty. Thank you so much for your help with Chimirus.  

Character Design @ Cg Cookie!

Character Design @ Cg Cookie!

All I have to say is, "Wow!" We are onto our 4th live event, and this Character Design workshop was special for so many reasons. Doing an event at CG Cookie with Wes was really cool. We didn't know what to expect, so we gave it a try. It turned out awesome! The class sold out, and the students really loved it. Hanging out with Wes and Roger again was great as well, it brought back memories of being back at Robomodo! 

We also had a wide range of students; from high-school students to working professionals. This created a unique learning experience for all. In the class, we developed a story brief, which ended up being a Ninja-Assassin, rabbit saleswoman named Josephine! Tons of sketches and many cookies later, we had final charcter renders. Crazy fun! You can see the results and the experience we had below. Thanks to all of you who came out and supported Chimiurs and CG Cookie, we will definitely be back for more. Until next time...


Absolutely! I had a blast pushing the boundaries of sketching into a field I really haven’t had the chance to explore. I learned a lot and created things I didn’t think I could; what more could I ask for? Definitely would come back again.
The Chimirus workshop was an incredible, fun opportunity to meet others with the same passions, to learn in a non-judgemental environment, and to, well, create! 10/10 recommend to anyone who is thinking about going.

We've been good this year!

We've been good this year!

On to 2018!

Hello all! As this year comes to a close, I'd like to tell you how thankful we are for your support and our good fortune. This past year has been really amazing for Chimirus. Our plan was to reach out to the creative community and connect with you–which was awesome. Special thanks to you and to Teams Design, Next/Now, CG Cookie, and Rotofugi for joining us on this journey!

We have some special events planned for 2018. Workshops and Live Demos include; another Making Art Work, Digital Painting, ZBrush Sculpting, CG Lighting, and Storyboarding! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! We hope to see you in 2018.


Drawing for Games

This before-school program was a huge hit at A.N. Pritzker Elementary School. Drawing for Games focuses on using imagination and a process for creating art for video game ideas. The students have a lot of fun drawing and enjoy having time to draw. As you can see we love to discuss our work and collaborate on our ideas too!


Character Design Workshop

Also in 2017, we ran our first Character Design class at Rotofugi! This class was very well received, and now we partnered with CG Cookie to offer the class in the Chicagoland suburbs! For more information, click the button below. Next class is January 27th!

Character Design @ Rotofugi

Character Design @ Rotofugi

This past Saturday was really special for us at Chimirus. We held our first Character Design workshop with our friends at Rotofugi! It was great to see some familiar faces, which is awesome that we have some loyal followers who believe in what we are doing. The workshop was 3 hours long, and we covered a process of designing a character from story and narrative, to silhouette, pose, shape language, design and sketching, and finally rendering. We packed a lot of information  in this class! It was hard work, but fun, and as you can see, we got some really great results in a short amount of time! Thanks again to everyone who came out to make this workshop awesome. 


“One-on-one interactivity and invaluable feedback from excellent industry professionals. I strongly recommend the workshop to artists who want to “up” their character design skills

— Archangelo Crelencia”
“The class is high energy but easy going. It really engages creativity in ways I haven’t thought of before.

— Vickie Perez-Segovia”

Making Art Work @ Next/Now

Making Art Work @ Next/Now

Our second Making Art Work event work was a success! It was so exciting to see so many creative individuals interested in our events. We hosted this gathering at Next/Now with our good friend Charlie Williams! Charlie and I go way back to our days at Electronic Arts Chicago. So it was great to come full circle and join forces once again to bring you something unique. 

The evening started off with food and beverages for the networking portion of the event, with some Chicago favorites of Lou Malnotti's and Tacoyo Brewing. Myles is the best! We met some amazing passionate people who are interested in learning more about Chimirus and their career paths. Roger Yuen, gave an energetic presentation of Making Art Work, speaking about how there is so much opportunity for creative careers these days. So much content is is required for the world–games, apps, websites, VR, etc. Art and Design is needed now more than ever, and at a rapid pace. 

Afterwards we held a Q&A and answered a ton of questions! It was so great to have such an attentive and engaged audience, the energy was great! Then we have our Raffle! We have literally the best partners in the industry, Copic, Affinity, Design Studio Press, Magnetic Press, BrushBox, Grut Brushes, Sketch Wallet , Rotofugi and CG Cookie

The whole evening was filled with positive energy and enthusiasm. We had some really great conversations and connected people together. This just helps to validate our community and we are building here. Everyone who joins in helps to grow our presence and network. So thank you for your support! Check out some of these photos from the event. As always we are here for you, feel free to reach out and connect with us. Take care and we will see you at the next event! 

Making Art Work @ TEAMS Design

Making Art Work @ TEAMS Design

This was the beginning of Chimirus! We had the pleasure of joining Paul Hatch at TEAMS Design in Chicago! Amazing space. Amazing design and people. It was the perfect venue to kick things off. 

The networking event was really fun. We always love to have people meet other like-minded individuals to connect and share their path. Of course we had some Chicago favorites to indulge in, like,  Lou Malnotti's and Tacoyo Brewing—which is Rick Bayless' entry into the brewing world. Great stuff!

After that, we began our presentation of working, and thriving as an artist in the creative field. There are plenty of creative jobs, they are needed now more than ever, if you want to learn more, come to our Making Art Work event!

Lastly we had a Q&A and answered a ton of questions! Then our first Raffle, which everyone enjoyed! We have literally the best partners in the industry, CopicAffinityDesign Studio PressMagnetic PressBrushBoxGrut Brushes, Sketch Wallet Rotofugi and CG Cookie

I really couldn't of asked for a better evening. We had an amazing space, with industry leaders and the future of creativity in Chicago! I look forward to the next workshop!